Youth performs Kiki Challenge on Mumbai local train, Here’s what Police did

Kiki Challenge has recently become a rage on the internet and without a doubt, one of the biggest viral trends of 2018. The Kiki Challenge videos of Drake’s hit song ‘In my feelings’ are widely being shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram by people of all age groups, but the police have been opposing it as it might hurt people and end up in the wrong side.

guy performs kiki challenge on moving train

However, a person who didn’t care the police has taken the challenge one level higher as he did it at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) while on a moving train. The Kiki challenge which has gone viral involves getting out of a vehicle and dancing while the vehicle is in motion but this is completely different. Performing it while a train was in motion is too dangerous.

The video in question was uploaded on YouTube on July 30, titled ‘Kiki challenge on Mumbai local trains’.

Watch The Video Below:

The Central Railway’s (CR) Railway Protection Force (RPF) is verifying the video. Obviously, the video has not been liked by the senior divisional security commissioner, Central Railway, Sachin Bhalode and he ordered his officials to find out the person. He went on to say that the person in the video will be booked under section 156 (traveling on roof, step or engine of a train) of the Indian railway act.

He added, “These types of stunts will provoke others to imitate it. We request commuters not to do any type of stunts in local trains as it can be life-threatening.”

The Mumbai Police had also recently issued an advisory on its official Twitter handle, sharing a picture of a digital board saying, KIKI is bored of her own challenge. Stop it! #GetInTOTHECAR’. The tweet read, “We love your safety and can’t leave it to be decided by Kiki, #GetInToTheCar #KikiChallenge #InMySafetyFeelings”

So, what do you think about it? Should police take a strict action against the people who perform Kiki Challenge?

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