This 26-year-old From Mumbai Has Made An App That Makes People Rescue Stray Animals, A Great Social Initiative

Meet Yash Sheth, a man hailing from Matunga of Mumbai. He is 26 years old graduate, Sometimes small incidents can change the way we look at the world. a similar type of incident has happened where he saw a dog suffering after an accident on road. he tried his level best to get it treated and found social media platforms for solving the issue. then he came to know that there are people who are ready to help stray animals and provide them with shelter.

yash sheth

It all started with Yash Sheth, who saved a poor dog that once met with an accident, but only 4-5 hours later. That incident put me into a deep thought. Why was it so difficult to get immediate and genuine help despite being surrounded by way too many animal lovers?  But there is never a common platform where people can connect themselves with other animal lovers. looking at it as challenge Yash Sheth and his team has developed an app where people can get connected and can save mutually save animals.

As everyone is aware of, India is home to more than a million stray animals, a large proportion of whom are prone to accidents. The major reason behind the death of these animals is the lack of right medical help at the right time. The NGOs and Animal Welfare have limited capacity and are scattered as well, due to which it’s becoming very difficult for any person to help the strays in distress.

Yash Sheth has launched a mobile app and named it “Let it Wag”. This App is a unique initiative about which a true passionate Animal Lover would have certainly dreamt of while trying to save/help an injured/helpless stray animal in need. This platform will connect you to a relevant person/resource in real time and also help you do the following:-

For Animal Lovers & Stray Animals :

  • Rescue Stray Animals
  • Find Lactating mother for unfortunate babies
  • Find Foster Homes
  • Create your local animal lover community
  • Raise funds for strays
  • Report Animal Abuse
  • Find a suitable Transport for Animals to help them reach nearby hospital/vet clinic
  • Find a Blood Donor for animals
  • Find/report missing animals
  • Find nearby vet available in real time

For Pet Owners :

  • Find nearby pet owners
  • Make your own local pet community
  • Create Pet Events
  • Get Events Information

For Adoption :

  • Find an animal for Adoption nearby
  • Get an animal adopted
  • Generate an adoption document agreement

No matter where you stay, you just need to download the app ‘Let it Wag’ and get connected to other users. This app helps you overcome all the shortcomings that might restrain animal lovers to come to their rescue.

‘Let it Wag’ is presently an Android app and is available on the Google Play Store. Once you download the app you can look forward to rescuing the stray animals who are in need of help. Shout out for all the animal lovers, Let it wag is the future towards building a community who have shared a love for animals and are willing to connect with alike people for the cause.

Features in the process that will be live soon :

  • Find nearby pet owners in your area
  • Raise funds for feeding, medical cost, hospital bills, ambulance transportation, etc.
  • Find foster homes
  • Find a lactating mother
  • Find a blood donor for animals
  • Find local transport for animals to take them to nearby hospitals/vet clinics
  • Report animal abuse
  • Report missing animals

As of now, they have saved 900+ dogs, 150+ cats, 10 owls, 20+ pigeons, 1 chicken and 2 cows via the app & 6 puppies, 2 birds have also been adopted via the app.

You can download the App Here:: ‘Let it Wag’


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