World’s Heaviest Man Loses Weight, His Tale Of A Guinness Record

Being the World’s Heaviest Person is not an easy record. People are not keen to break or challenge it very often. It sure is a Life-Challenging task if we have to live with such a heavy body. There are not many perks of holding a Guinness World Record in certain categories when one’s health is at risk constantly. Very few open up about their extreme obese conditions, as it is a fatal state of living.

Juan Pedro Franco Salas of the central Mexican city of Aguascalientes, hold the title of the World’s Heaviest Man. He used to weigh about a 1,105 lb or 501 kg in his initial stages later grew to 594.8 kg or 1,311 lb. This weight equalling the weights of 10 average men put-together. This was in the year 2016 when he got registered.

Why did we have him now in 2018? He has lost about half of his body weight. He is now at a weight around 300 kgs. He flushed out 291 kgs of body weight. With heavyweights of fat and cholesterol piling up in the closed system of our human body, comes serious illnesses. A constant threat to their life, with the widest waistlines.

In 2016, Franco had visited a hospital to undergo a life-saving treatment. He stepped out of his house for the first time ever in years. Did that at the brink of his life. Since childhood, Franco has been suffering from Morbid Obesity. Which worsened his situation after a serious accident at the age of 17. Since then, he was stuck to the bed, with rapid weight gain.

In his words regarding his spiralling weight gain, he says, “My body just followed its own path without any control whatsoever. I tried to diet day after day, but nothing worked and I became desperate”. Talking about his earlier life, his mother says, “He is an accomplished guitar player also was a good cumbia dancer and had two or three girlfriends”.

At the age of 32, two years ago, Franco left his home, to undergo a life-saving operation. Diagnosed with type-2 Diabetes, an accumulation of liquid in his lungs and dysfunctioning Thyroid gland he had to do this. By May 2017, Franco had lost 170 kg or 374 lb, enabling him to undergo a Bypass surgery.

With the help of new exercise and diet regime, assisted by 30 health professionals, he continued to lose weight by the day. Guinness World Records of 2019 could not have him, and that is now a good thing. Franco reached 304 kgs this November.

Franco is enthusiastic, says, “Before I took around six to 10 steps and then I had to sit down. Now I can walk more than 100 steps, even 10 laps of 40 steps. It’s a breakthrough… I’ve lost my body weight”.

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