World’s First In-Human Surgery Performed Using Robots In India

World’s First surgery using robots was done by a doctor from Akshardham in Gandhinagar. He has performed a surgery using telerobotic technology on a patient in Ahmedabad. Leading Cardiologist Dr Tejas Patel has done this path-breaking surgery from a distance of 32-km. Not just a simple surgery, but it was a heart surgery on a patient who has suffered a cardiac arrest. The woman patient had agreed to volunteer for the operation.

Dr Patel is a Padma Shri Awardee, who had set up The Apex Heart Institute in Ahmedabad. It is the first ever hospital outside the United States of America, to have an automated operating procedure for heart-related surgeries. Talking about the procedure the doctor gives us the details of the robotic machine used.

Named as ‘ CorPath GRX’, a vascular robotic system developed by the U.S. The device’s robotic stenting of the valves are said to be able to provide an accuracy of sub-1 mm. Usually, a surgeon’s accuracy would be within a range of 5-10 mm. The middle-aged patient is the first ever person getting operated in this way.

This ground-breaking event was witnessed by, Gujarat’s Chief Minister Vijay Rupani along with the Deputy CM Nitin Patel and priests of the Akshardham Temple. The success of this mechanism in India has now paved way for long-distance crucial surgeries accessed and performed from around the globe.

Talking to the media persons after the successful surgery, Dr Patel had this to say, “It is a landmark event for interventional medicine. Cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, are the number one cause of death worldwide… nearly 18 million a year”. And to be able to immediately attend to such a critical ailment is a great achievement.

The accessibility to great care is what India needs and this success would have a significant role to play in a majority of the heart-related surgeries in India. Not only the urban population but also the rural population can now be a screen closer to major surgeries. Not only a Stenting procedure but also pre-cutaneous coronary interventions, both opted and emergency in nature.

(Watch the video here)

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