Women Police To Patrol The Roads Of Hyderabad City: First Time Ever

Women dedicated Police Stations have been a reality from a long time. There are Police Patrolling at odd times for a much safer environment for women. Eve teasing is very well curbed and potential culprits are a little intimidated by the Pink Force. For the first time ever, Hyderabad Police will have Women Police Patrolling on the streets. As a move ensuring women’s safety as well as empowering the women in the force this came up.

Prevention of Crime Against Women through the initiative of ‘Women on Wheels’ has been launched to empower women. The move puts the women in the force on par with the male co-workers and colleagues. The whole Hyderabad Police Force is planning on deploying 20 teams of women constables.

The teams will be made to spread over 17 divisions of the Vast City. Talking about the initiative, Shika Goel, the Additional Commissioner of Hyderabad says, “As the number of women constables increase in the police force, it is essential to bring them to the mainstream so they can perform all the duties like men in the force”.

Shika Goel is the Additional Commissioner of Crime and SIT Branch of Hyderabad. She also added to her earlier statement saying, “The women who are now joining forces are capable and confident in performing all the duties. They have also started realising that they are no less than men and are capable of performing every task”.

The women will also be alertly available on call, attending the calls from dialling ‘100’. The complaints against any type of crime, from eve-teasing to reporting at the time of an emergency, the police will be attentive. The Commissioner also appealed to the women of the city, not to hesitate to call up to ‘100’.

The women constables have undergone training for two months in the skills of driving, unarmed combat and other technological initiatives. They are now very well prepared and fully equipped with defence against crime. “Normally men patrol the streets and it is for the first time that women officers will be on patrolling duty. this is something, which makes us extremely happy”, said a Police Constable.

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