Woman Visits Same ATM For Two Weeks To Catch Man Who Duped Her

We are all in a prime time rush, busy doing the ordinary and the routine. In this hurried lifestyle, we tend to overlook and not pay attention to details. In such a hurried manner, a woman from Mumbai city’s Bandra visited an ATM to withdraw money. Unable to withdraw money due to some unforeseen error, she was coyly cheated by another man unknown to her.

35-year-old Rehana Shaikh little did she know the things that would follow after this breach of security, done involuntarily. She on allowing the man to be around the same time of the transaction could unintentionally reveal all her details. The ATM did not dispense the money, and so she left the place.

Rehana was on her way to her office, before stopping for cash withdrawal. Despite trying multiple times for drawing cash, the ATM was dysfunctional. So, she left for her office in Pali Hill. Upon reaching the office, she receives a message saying that she had done a Rs 10,000 cash withdrawal.

Shocked by this message, she is very much suspicious of the man who was loitering around at that time. So, like any other women, she did not just go to the police station immediately. But, she visited the same ATM and the Railway Station nearby to spot the man again.

The wise woman did these visits for more than two weeks, or to be exact for 17 days straight. On the day of January 4th, she spotted the same man at the same ATM. Rehana rushed to him, caught him with the help of others around, and then called the police.

According to the Bandra Police, “She kept going to the same ATM for around 17 days and waited for the man to cross the area, either near the ATM or the station. Whenever she used to go to the station, she would wait outside the ATM to catch him”. On investigating police found out many details of the accused.

Named Bhupendra Mishra, the 36-year-old conman was a repeat offender. He had many cases registered against him in several police stations across the city. He was earlier arrested in January 2018, by the Crime Branch for similar offences.

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