Woman With Rare Condition Can Taste Sounds, She Is tasting Names Now

If we can tell what something looks like by its smell, taste something by just hearing it, or hear colours or even can smell numbers and letters. This is called ‘Joined Perception’, and it is given a scientific name called ‘Synesthesia’. This rare condition affects very minuscule of the World’s population. It dates back to 1600s where people had this ‘Super Power’ of the ability to perceive one thing in mixed senses. A woman who has this condition took to Twitter in telling people how their ‘Names’ Taste Like.

synesthesia julie 15

The woman named Julie McDowall wrote this on her twitter handle to invite people in giving her the taste of their names. She writes, “I have synesthesia which means I can “taste” words. Ask me what your name tastes like”. And further adds, “I put ‘taste’ in inverted commas, and 90 per cent is taste. Some sensations or images get through”.

People have been receiving her very well and were getting their names ‘Tasted’ by her. Some of the many responses she gave are listed below. Hope you find your name as tasty as you might think it is. Or not.

synesthesia julie

synesthesia julie 1 synesthesia julie 2

synesthesia julie 3

synesthesia julie 4 synesthesia julie 5

synesthesia julie 6

Here is one Indian Name

synesthesia julie 7

synesthesia julie 8 synesthesia julie 9 synesthesia julie 10 synesthesia julie 11

synesthesia julie 12 synesthesia julie 13

And she ended one session of names with this, before waking up to many tweets and requests. 

synesthesia julie 14

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