WhatsApp’s New Group Video Calling Feature is now LIVE, Check How To Use It

Whatsapp is currently the most popular messaging apps with a staggering user base of over 1.5 billion across the world. Whatsapp has become a crucial part of our day to day life. The Facebook-owned app attracted everyone and slowly turned to be an addiction to its users now. It has become very popular because of its attractive and striking features such as cross-platform messaging service, online media sharing, free messaging service, voice calling etc.

People wake up checking Whatsapp and go sleep by it. There are many features which made the app very popular. But the developers of Whatsapp are still not satisfied and keep on trying to reach new milestones. Once in a while, they update the app with more features to ensure that it remains No.1 messaging app in the world.

In May 2018, WhatsApp announced that it would be bringing group calling with both voice and video support very soon and the time has come. The feature is now live and available for users around the globe on iOS and Android. The company also said that it designed the feature to work under less-than-stellar network conditions so that users can video chat with their friends or family members from a far-flung locality. Calls are also end-to-end encrypted, like all chats on the platform.


How to use Video call/chat options in Groups on WhatsApp?

1. To avail this feature, you have to update your WhatsApp messenger.

2. Start a video call and add multiple participants whom you want to include in your call.

Currently, WhatsApp group call is limited to 4 people. If all goes well, we can hope that WhatsApp increases this capability.

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