Whatsapp Will Be Banned By Indian Government If The App Doesn’t Find A Way To Trace Hoaxes

Whatsapp, without this social networking application we could not find any smartphone device in India as well as over the world. People are so busy sending messages to beloved ones and forwarding the news either fake or real. Here we have to notice about news, which means all fake news is spreading through this WhatsApp application.Whatsapp Will Be Banned By Indian Government If The App Doesn't Find A Way To Trace HoaxesPeople keep doing messages in order to keep busy their schedule,  this app is spreading fake and waste news instead of quality news. For this issue, the Indian government was planning to take serious action. The government has kept rule to Whatsapp company owner in order to continue their business in India that limiting forward messages only 5 groups at a time. Earlier which has allowed forwarding 250 groups by one click.

The Indian government is taking action about fake news and also hoaxes on this social networking platform. Whatsapp owner has convinced in end-to-end encryption. The government has asked the owner to trace the each and every messages on the platform. But Whatsapp refuses to trace the messages and saying it would violate its privacy protocol.

The Indian government isn’t pleased with being denied. The Ministry of Electronics and IT says it plans to send another official letter to WhatsApp, its third since July, reminding the Facebook-owned company it needs to meet requirements or risk being banned from the country. One of these requirements, it says, is to work out a technical solution to allow law enforcement to track the origin of WhatsApp.

We are not asking them to look into the contents of the message, one official said, “but if some message has been forwarded, say, 100 times and has caused some law and order problem, then they should be able to identify where it originated from.”

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