Weddings Like Ambani’s Spend Lots Of Money And Also Create Jobs

The season of Weddings is here. We have seen many high-profile weddings this year. A typical Indian wedding costs can range from a Rs 5 Lakh to Rs 5 Crore and above. Wedding season is not only about the bride and the groom, and their families but also hundreds of other unrelated workers who strife together for a wedding. In some special cases like in the case of the Ambani Family wedding, thousands of workers earn quite good.


From the shopkeepers to luxurious escorting BMW-Merc car dealers, all are engaged into the wedding ceremony. When talking to a news magazine, a Delhi- Wedding consultant has rightly said that it would be very difficult to find a luxury car for hire in and around the area at the time of Isha’s wedding as all of them have gone to Udaipur for her.

The term, Big Fat Wedding has come into vogue with the luxurious Ambani wedding ceremony lasting for quite a few days. The earlier DeepVeer and NickYanka weddings too have set the bar high, with The Antilia Wedding breaking them.

A Three Day pre-wedding celebrations itself had fed more than 5,100 Udaipur locals designated in their jobs for full three times a day. Wedding in a family is a lifetime expenditure done in one event with years of savings for many Indian Families. All eyes on the Wedding, whatever the origin of economic class.

In weddings costing over a Rs 700 Crores, with Beyonce’s performance and Hillary Clinton’s presence, there exists a small nations economy running behind the screens. Thousands of people employed, making ample money on their respective professions, boosting them economically.

Additionally, the Delhi-based Wedding Consultant, Chetan Vohra, has said, “Around 250-300 BMWs and Mercedes cars, among others, were transported to Udaipur. You have to remember that, with these luxury cars, there are also the drivers, maintenance people, logistics coordinators”.

In detail, he added, “Even the person who comes to greet you at the airport may be earning only Rs 500 a day, but if he’s a student working part-time, for him that means an extra Rs 1,500 in his pocket”, all for a three-day ceremony.

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