VVS Laxman Advices Aussie Coach To Focus On Match Not On Kohli

India won the test match against Australia by 31 runs. The Ambitious players of the team were seen celebrating the win in different ways. Likewise, Virat Kohli had his ways to celebrate a wicket. This was mocked and criticised by the Australian Head Cricket Coach Justin Langer. He had said ” worse blokes in the world” if they would celebrate like the Indian Team. To which our VVS Laxman backed Kohli in an interview.

In a conversation with the ESPN Cric Info, VVS Laxman politely adviced the Aussie coach to focus more on cricket and game rather than on the layers and their celebrations. In his words, ” I feel they got it wrong – the Australian coach and the Australian team. When you are playing for your country, you have to play with pride and passion. You are not there to impress the spectators or trying to be the good boys. You have to play in a hard manner”.

Laxman had continued backing Virat Kohli’s animated celebrations by saying, “Virat celebrates in that fashion – but what Justin Langer should be talking about is playing aggressive cricket. It’s not about celebration but about showing your intent, your positiveness, in the way you bat, the way you field, the way you take wickets”.

Talking about the runs made by the ever reputed Australian team, VVS Laxman had this to say, “You should be concentrating on asking the batsmen to bat with the positive mindset and intent that we have seen over the years with Australian batsmen. Scoring at 2 runs per over is something I have not seen with Australia since the time I have followed international cricket”.

Laxman further backed our Angry Young Batsman, Virat Kohli highlighting the scare the Aussies faced in the issue of ball tampering and sledging. He said, “Yes, what happened in Cape Town was not right, they crossed the line. But it was something to do with ball tampering. Neither did Virat sledge, neither he used abusive language – that’s the way he celebrates”.

Proper Advice to Justin Langer, “ If I was Justin Langer, I would tell the team to forget about celebration, or what the opposing team is doing. You focus on being the best Australian cricketer you can be. Go out there and play with the conviction that you can score runs quickly. You can score runs against any opposition, show that in your body language, show that with your positive intent, and forget about what is happening off the field “.

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