Uttar Pradesh Fake Medicine Racket Busted, Easy Tips To Check Them

Pharmacy Industry is always a booming one. Giving exclusive turnovers to the nation it helps us in a great deal. Similarly, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, the annual turnover is around Rs 17,000 Crore. Officials are worried about the fact that, 1.5 % of the total could be of Fake Medicines. In a move to bust the fake medicine racket, the officials have been on a lookout for unusual rates and offer on medicines.

The Health Authorities have been conducting random checks in and around reported areas and they could decipher a drug racket on rampant. Random uninformed raids have been conducted which resulted in busting many such centres of fake medicines in the States of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh, seizing about Rs 6 Crore.

According to the World Health Organisation reports on medicines and their authenticity, it has surveyed and stated some important facts on this matter. ‘Majorly in the Low and Middle-Income Countries of the World, One In Ten medical products are estimated to be either substandard or falsified’.

The first thing very suspicious yet noticeable fact about the supply of Fake Drugs is the discount price. Normally, a 5-10 % of a discount on the price of the medicine is given many pharmacies. Especially on Anti-biotics. The suspicion increases when there is a whopping 30% discount on the actual price. Putting aside Generic Medicine, which is altogether another topic.

We are very familiar with checking the currency notes for their legality. We are also aware of checking the expiry and product condition of the day to day products. Then what about these Fake Medicines? Here are some At Home Tips to check their authenticity.

  • The seal of the medicines should be the first thing to check. The steel or plastic caps of medicine bottles should not be tampered with, or seem broken or tried to open.
  • Buying a familiar medicine which you have bought earlier too, then it would be much easier to make out the fake one. Checking the spellings and colour combination, the composition will show us the differences.
  • Powdery, discoloured, softening or cracked tablets with swellings or spots should be keenly observed.
  • Liquid medicines changing their texture, hardening up with time should also be looked at.
  • A huge change in the price from the actual ones, especially being very cheaper is a huge no-no.
  • Consult with your doctor for possible side-effects of the medicine you were given. If anything other than the said is affecting us, stop its usage and refer to the doctor again.
  • Sending the ‘Unique Authentication Code’ to the Drug Technical Advisory Board (DTAB). A simple SMS of the code to ‘9901099010’ will inform the board and their response will tell us the medicine’s authenticity.

Being most cautious in this subject will stop us from endangering ourselves to unforeseen medical complications. Alert purchase is always a better option to avoid falling prey.

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