US Woman’s Two Kidneys Mistakenly Taken Out By Doctors

A 72-year-old woman named, Linda Woolley was supposedly diagnosed with Kidney Cancer earlier this year. According to the doctors at the University of Colorado Hospital and their reports, the above was declared. She had undergone an operation at the same hospital. Her two kidneys were removed by the doctors as due process to the cancer operation and treatment.

Wrongly Biopsed

Linda was since then put on Dialysis, totally dependent on the treatment since May. However, a biopsy from March supervised and witnessed by KDVR shows “no evidence of malignancy” and says the lab results are “consistent with a benign process”. The reports in detail stated that the kidneys were only affected by cancer and other parts of her body are untouched by it.

After the surgery and the dialysis treatment process, the family members of Linda Woolley have conducted for another lab report on the same issue. This time to know the progress shown by her body. To their shock, they witnessed the following statements in the reports. Biopsy said, “no evidence of carcinoma” and that there was “no mass lesion” found.

The process of Dialysis. Just for Illustration.

When The Reuters approached Woolley, she described her plight as “a big mistake, big mistake”. She is now totally kept dependant on a dialysis machine doing the work of her missing kidneys. She is always hooked to the machine constantly like, three days a week for even four hours at a time. To add to this saddening ordeal of hers, it is getting difficult for her to get another kidney.

Kind Donors but a Rude Hospital

The Fact that average waiting time for a kidney donor is at seven years in the US, and she is not yet fully healthy enough to get a place supposedly soon to be filled on the transplant list. She is reported saying “My life was totally changed,” followed by stating her experience with Dialysis, she says “Dialysis is no picnic no matter how used to it you get, it robs you of your life”. 

According to the KDVR reports, the hospital has reportedly not at all apologized or even offered a necessary explanation to Woolley on their blunder. Linda also added, “It is terrifying because you have no choice when you go into a hospital,”. “You trust that you’re going to be taken care of “. 

Not actual picture. For Illustration purpose only.

Few donors have volunteered to donate their kidneys to her. But to her much misfortune, none of their blood groups match with hers. And now, she is left in the waiting list, on a dialysis machine, without kidneys, and looking for a kind and suitable donor. Hoping her ordeal ends with smiles, we wish her a good health.

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