US, EU, Russia, China Nations Condemning The Pulwama Incident

What has doted as the most severe incident on our Indian nation, this is getting us all the support from the whole world. As we Indians were not at fault to have to face such a kind of incident. United States President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia etc have also responded to this situation we were faced with. Talking about it at various international media conferences they have openly condemned the shameful act of the Pakistani fear-instigators.nations on pulwama

The incident had taken lives of about 40 CRPF Jawans who were not prepared or even had a warning before it happened. They were so very unaware of the situation and the wrong-minded people have taken advantage of it. The martyrs are duly paid respects and their families were all given immense support.

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Donald Trump, US President in his words, says, “It would be wonderful if they (India and Pakistan) get along. That was a horrible situation. We are getting reports. We will have a statement to put out”.

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Vladimir Putin, Russian President:He has written a letter to the Indian nation on this regards. He wrote, ” Please accept my most sincere condolences for the Indian security force personnel martyred in a te**st at***k in Jammu and Kashmir. We strongly condemn this cruel cr*me. Those who ordered it and carried it out must undoubtedly be duly punished. I would like to reaffirm our readiness to further promote antite***ist cooperation with our Indian partners”.

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China Foreign Affairs Spokesperson:  China notes reports on the (incident) and deeply shocked by it. We express deep condolences and sympathies to the injured and bereaved families. We firmly oppose and condemn all form of Te****ism. We hope relevant regional countries will cooperate to cope with…”

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European Union: ” The European Union expresses its deep sadness and condolences to the families of the victims and wishes a speedy recovery to those who were injured. As a strategic partner of India, The EU reaffirms its full solidarity at such a difficult moment. The EU stands by India in fighting Te****ism and will continue to strengthen its cooperation in this regard”. 

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Afghanistan Foreign Affairs Ministry: ” While strongly condemning the heinous Pulwama Tragedy, we stand united with India to combat te****ism in any form as we have done it as a nation in the past 18 years…The Govt of IR AFG expresses its condolences and sympathy with people and the Government of the friendly country #India, due to the loss of 40 Indian Police, and once again stresses the need for solidarity and closer cooperation on countries in the fight against this common enemy”. 

More than 45 nations have spoken about this incident, and all of them stand with India, condemning this act by the neighbouring nation.

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