UP Police used a Tinder clip to explain the importance of consent and Twitterati loved it

When it comes to creativity and posting important messages, conveying safety precautions, Mumbai Police’s social media team is the best and it has proved it several times earlier. Now giving them a tough competition, Uttar Pradesh Police Twitter handle has come up with interesting video and it explains the importance of ‘consent’.

There had been a lot of discussions and debates about consent and how a ‘No’ must be taken lightly. However, there are many who fail to realize the importance of it. Thus, triggering the point about consent, the Uttar Pradesh Police shared a clip on Twitter named ‘A No Means No’ which is a promotional video of dating app Tinder.


‘No Means No’ are the words said by Amitabh Bachchan in Pink movie. Though the words had a strong message for people of all genders, it eventually went down as ‘Just another great dialogue’. As a result, many people didn’t understand and applied it in their lives. That is why the UP police tried to convey this message with the video.

Currently, Uttar Pradesh state is facing a huge challenge to fight eve teasing and ra*es. Sharing a small snippet from Tinder India’s promotional video, where the dating app clearly underlined, “It’s a match only when both swipe right.” They posted the video and wrote, “Even an app understands the importance of consent, why can’t you? #ANoMeansNo.”

Finally, the UP police succeeded in conveying the message and the post was received very well by Twitterati and they really appreciated them for their efforts.


This is not the first time, the police made sure about consent is an important factor. Earlier in May, the Mumbai Police issued a similar warning saying, “Respect consent. Else face our dissent”.

Well, that’s really worth appreciating. What do you say?

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