UP Police Assaulted Woman For Allegedly Having Muslim Friend [VIDEO]

We all know that there’s nobody above the law and everyone are equal before it. What if the protectors of law make themselves out to be the law itself. In a video that is going viral on social media, we can see the unprofessionalism of Uttar Pradesh police assaulting and abusing a woman for hanging out with a Muslim man.

Three police personnel including a woman constable in Meerut were suspended on Tuesday after a video of them abusing and roughing up a woman medical student went viral. In the video, a male police officer is seen abusing the girl for choosing a partner from another religion while the woman constable is slapping the girl repeatedly. We can hear one of the police officers saying, “Mullah zyada pasand aaraha?”

Woman police beating medical student in Meerut

The incident took place two days ago in Meerut where the girl and her male friend were caught by locals in an “objectionable position”. The locals and a few VHP members created a ruckus outside the boy’s room. Meanwhile, the police entered the scene. People outside the room wanted to beat the boy and girl and they accused the two of ‘Love Jihad’.

However, the police rescued them from the mob and took them to the police station in separate vehicles. The VHP members also asked the girl’s father to file a case against the boy. However, he denied and said that the whole incident was a result of a misunderstanding.

Watch The Video Below:

Superintendent of Police, Ranvijay Singh said head constable Salek Chand, constable Neetu Singh, and constable Priyanka were suspended after the video, widely shared on social media. The woman and her family did not lodge a complaint in the matter.

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