Undergraduate Student’s Post On Postgraduate Student Delivering Him Food On Zomato

People often keep preaching the necessity and purpose of education and when it comes to reality, the story is wholly different. With each day passing, we are only acknowledging thousand of unemployed graduates applying for the govt jobs like Attender, Sweeper and Pune. The story is on a whole different level now.

An Undergraduate student recently shared his experience on social media and the whole Internet is going nuts after it. This young man ordered food on Zomato and got his food in-time, but the saddest part is the delivery agent who did the work. With new update from Zomato, we can now know the name, sneak peek into the personal life of the agents and can provide them a tip if we wish. While taking a look at the details of the delivery agent, this student was really disappointed and penned a heartfelt post on facebook about the current state of the economy, unemployment and whatsoever.

Shouvik Dutta, the student about whom we are talking about went saying in his post, “Probably the only time I regret ordering food from Zomato. It was one of those usual checkouts ordering food when I was taken aback after I was updated with the details of my delivery agent.”

For Dutta, the delivery boy was a man named Meraj, who could not only speak in Hindi and Bengali but had also completed his post-graduation. What happened next was the “most embarrassing moment” of his life, recalls Shouvik. “Gathering myself I went to the front door to pick my food, as I noticed the man standing there with a wide smile on his face, he handed me the parcel. Then happened the most embarrassing moment of my life; With folded hands, he said in a shaky voice,’Sir,ektu rating ta diea deben’.” (Sir, please give a rating.)

Probably the only time i regret ordering food from ZomatoIt was one of those usual checkouts ordering food,when i was…

Posted by Shouvik Dutta on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

After a quick chat with the delivery agent, Dutta found out that Meraj was postgraduate from Calcutta University and had also done PGDM in Finance or Investment Banking. This incident further left Dutta questioning the availability of jobs in India and what message does it send to the youth when a postgraduate holder is delivering food to an undergraduate teenager. It did not take long for the post to go viral, with many debating the incident and the availability of jobs in the country.

In addition to that, the post also holds significance at a time when the debate over poor employment rate is taking centre stage, with prime minister Narendra Modi-led government facing the brunt. Recently leaked data of the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) job survey for 2017-18 records a surge in the unemployment rate to over 6 per cent, a 45-year high.

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