Twitterati is saluting this differently-abled man’s dedication to teach in a govt school

Most of the people think that teaching is one of the best jobs to do. But being a teacher is not an easy task. Along with teaching students complex things from the syllabus, evaluating their work and grading it, they also require immense patience to deal with the students in the class. Not to forget, teachers overcome many barriers to continue doing the job they do.

School Teacher

One such teacher is Sanjay Sen, who is teaching at a village school in Rajasthan since 2009 under the Shiksha Sambal Project. He is a physically challenged man, but it never stopped him from pursuing a career in teaching. His passion to teach government school kids is moving thousands on the internet.

In a picture that’s going viral, Sanjay Sen is seen teaching the students despite the absence of proper facilities like a wheelchair or crutches. The teacher with his lifeless limbs folded together on the ground as he reaches out to the whiteboard with a marker, addressing his class, as they look on rapt. Despite being differently-abled, he manages to teach kids complex subjects like Math, Science, and English.

It touched hearts of thousands of people on the internet and Sen was lauded for his dedication.

The Shiksha Sambal project is a government program in Rajasthan that operates across operations, across Ajmer, Bhilwada, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand and Udaipur districts to focus exclusively on the ‘SEM’ subjects – Science, English, and Math, which are the subjects students in government schools usually struggle with and often drop out past the Class 10 level. The project runs in 55 schools to help strengthen the learning of these subjects.

Whether it is Rajinikanth Mendhe, a teacher who travels 50 km every day to teach his only student in the remote village of Chandar in Maharashtra or Professor Sandeep Desai who once begged on trains to collect funds to set up English-medium schools in rural India; teachers and their unmatched dedication to the cause of education continues to amaze us.

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