TV Channels Will Be Viewed Only If Viewers Are Willing To Pay

The Telecom Regulation Authority of India is gearing up their processes to get all the viewers onboard. The new policy and new tariff rules which will be coming into form from this February 1st of 2019 will be very user-friendly. TRAI Chairman RS Sharma hopes that about 90% of all the viewers will now be on the track and unnecessary charging will not exist.

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The deadline to change to the new Tariff regime is followed very strictly by the TRAI regulators. They are keen on the progress made by the operators and are having a hawk-eye vision over the Distribution Platform Owner (DPO) and also the broadcasters in the matters of recording the choices of the consumers.

Having a track of what a customer likes to watch usually is being given much importance. And measures to suggest them about the relevant channels and only pay for those is being promoted. The customer preferences are being recorded by the service providers and this would enable the regulators to get 100% of the viewers onboard.

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“It is true that initially, the speed was not good, but now it has picked up in the last few days, and looking at the trend, we feel, we will be able to reach the figure of over 90 per cent by January 31…there maybe 10 per cent cases where people may be travelling or not present at home”, says the TRAI Chairman.

“We are reviewing it on a day-to-day basis. We are also looking into apps of various DTH operators to see how customer-friendly they are for the recording of viewer choices. The monthly bills of customers will surely go down with this new regime”.

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Talking about unnecessary costs he says, “Many times, people buy goods they don’t need today but think they will need tomorrow. Tomorrow, if they want to watch a channel they can buy it… why should they hoard the channel because it is a costly hoarding as they have to pay for it too”.

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