Top 10 List Of Smartphones With Highest Level Radiation

One cannot live without a smartphone in their hand these days and while we use a smartphone in almost every hour of the day, they also make our lives easier in ways nobody could have thought some years back. However, we all know that they emit radiation which may lead to death.

Top 10 List Of Smartphones With Highest Level Radiation

Have you seen Robot 2.0? The environment officials have been blaming mobile phones and their radiations for the extinction of many birds. Do you ever think of a human being of such radiation? Yes! we affect from radiation and here is the top list of phones prepared by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection. It states that the big brands top the list and said that Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Google, Motorola, ZTE, Apple, BlackBerry, LG, Apple, and many other companies were examined to find out their radiation levels.

Check out the top 10 list of smartphones that emit radiation:

1. Xiaomi Mi A1:

Top 10 List Of Smartphones With Highest Level Radiation

This smartphone tops the list with 1.75 W/kg SAR value and emitting the highest amount of radiation. Xiaomi has this to say on this report- “All Xiaomi smartphones sold in India comply with the laws for SAR values and are well under the limit. Mi A1 has a SAR value of 1.26 W/kg (head) and 0.17 W/kg (body) in India. Values shared in the said report have been obtained from tests in Germany (where the conditions and standards for SAR testing and values are different from those in India) and thus cannot be compared to SAR values in India. For reference, India has a maximum limit of 1.6 W/kg while in Germany, the limit is 2.0 W/kg.”

OnePlus 5T:


This smartphone comes second, has an absorption rate of 1.68 watts per kilogram.

Mi Max 3:

mi max 3

This stands at third position with the specific absorption rate of 1.58 watts per kilogram.

OnePlus 6T:

one plus 6t

The OnePlus 6T which is OnePlus’ latest flagship, is also amongst the five phones emitting the highest level of radiation with an absorption rate of 1.55 watts per kilogram.

The other devices in the list of smartphones that emit the highest radiation are HTV U12 Lite, Mi Mix 3, Pixel 3 XL, OnePlus 5, iPhone 7, Xperia XZ1 Compact, HTC Desire 12/12+, Pixel 3, iPhone 8, Redmi Note 5 and ZTE Axon 7 mini.

“While there is no universal guideline for a safe level of phone radiation, the German certification for environmental friendliness Der Blaue Engel (Blue Angel) only certifies phones that have a specific absorption rate of fewer than 0.60 watts per kilogram. All of the phones featured here come in at more than double this benchmark” writes Martin Armstrong, Data Journalist at Statista.

List of Phones With Less Radiation:


Did you check the list? Have you observed that Samsung was not on the list? The firm has separately also published a list of phones that have low SAR value and hence least emit these radiations. This list is topped by Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It has a SAR value of 0.17 that apparently makes it safe for the environment. In fact, there are eight phone models from Samsung that have made it to the least. These are the Galaxy A8, Galaxy S8 Plus, S7 Edge, S9 Plus, Galaxy J6 Plus, Galaxy J4 Plus, and Galaxy S8. The newest launched Galaxy M20 also has a low SAR value of SAR 0.273 W/kg. The other phone brands in this list are Motorola, ZTE, LG, and HTC (U11 Lite only).

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