This Teacher’s Efforts For His Student Will Make You Cry

Over the years, we are learning and gulping the definitions of ‘hero’ over and over, until a person comes and redefine heroism and humanity all over again. The story of this old school teacher who helped his student achieve things on his own defines heroism with a fresh definition. The man did never want to earn money but watch his students climbs hikes, and he definitely succeeded in the same.

In an interview with Humans Of Bombay, the teacher states, ” I used to be a primary school teacher in my village in Bihar. I remember one of my students in particular — a small boy from a very poor family. He was very intelligent and eager to learn, but his parents couldn’t afford any school supplies for him — he didn’t have books to write in or a uniform to wear. My heart really went out to him, so I decided to pay for his books, pens, bag and uniform from my own salary.”

“Over the years, when his family’s financial situation worsened and he was on the brink of being pulled out of school, I started paying his school fees as well. It wasn’t that I was well off either, but I had enough to feed my family and meet our needs. I didn’t see the point of saving anything for the future when I had the power to help him in the present…so why would I even think twice about that?” he continues. 

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The kind man adds further, “After school, we remained in touch. He managed to take out a loan for his college fees…his mind was set on becoming a doctor. Whenever he called, I would tell him to remember me if he ever needs anything, but he found a way to manage everything — he was working on the side while studying and made enough money to buy all his study materials. Today, he’s a doctor — all his efforts have finally paid off and my heart bursts with pride to call him my student.”

He still calls every other week to check on me and comes to visit me in our village, even though he has so much work in the city! I’ve watched him grow from a schoolboy with nothing to a successful doctor and just being a part of his journey makes me feel like I’ve lived a full life…a complete life,” he concludes.


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