This Man Has A Solution For Our Population Problem

India is an overpopulated country. We can not disagree on the fact. India stands second in the World’s highest population. The first one being China. As per the present rate of population growth, in about 35 years, i.e. 2050, we are bound to cross the 200 Crore mark.

Looking into our past

China will be left out behind us based on our and their rate of growth. Let us go back to the scene for about 35 Years. India and China were at the same stage. Our economic rates and financial growth status was similar. Now, look at China, totally advanced in its technology, military, productiveness and its overall economic status. We are way behind comparatively.

India is still facing basic problems, unable to control and handle the poverty and unemployment vicious circles. The population is both a boon and a bane to the nation. More the numbers, more the difficulty. If the productivity of the people is high, then there are good chancesĀ of the betterment of the country. What if the population is dependent on the Government?

The proposed solution

The burden of the people is on the Government, diverting all the Taxpayers money to maintain many families. China has solved this basic issue by one single step it has taken 35 years ago. “Population Control Law”, One or none policy of having children. punishments and court sentences also follow course if the rule is broken.

On the eve of World Population Day, media spoke to Manu Gaur, President of Taxpayers Association of Bharath. He is the one who believes that having a population control law in the country will solve a majority of our problems.

The one on the right, Manu Gaur

More than Lakhs of Crores is spent on Family planning in India. But, there is still a 100 Crore population increase. Things are not working well. The taxpayers’ money is misused, in a lot of ways. One way to curb the irregular and unprecedented growth is by having a “Strict Law and Strict Implementation”. “Population Control Law”, will change the face of our nation.

Taxpayer’s take on population

Two children per family only, the third and fourth etc children are financially born by the family itself. No interference by the Government if the number exceeds the limit of ‘two’. Manu Gaur has interviewed thousands of women, he gives us a strong point of view. ” No women wanted to have five children, the societal and family pressure of having a male child results in trying for more children till the male is born”.

The taxpayers should question the government on this matter. The matter if left to nature, it would take care in its harshest ways. Wrath of nature is the last thing we all want. Do not overburden the land we live in. The water, food and land resources should not be exhaustively used for our expense.

(Watch the video here)

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