This Lady In The Group Picture Is Setting Internet On FIRE

From past one week, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have been trending on the Internet. The pictures of their marriage have taken the Internet by storm and we can’t agree more. The cost of the earrings presented to PeeCee by her mother-in-law and the kind of costumes the duo wore during the event was all the netizens bothered about.

nick jonas and priyanla

The couple Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra even didn’t hesitate to keep their fans updated about their grand wedding by constantly posting pictures on their social media handles. However, the reaction of a lady in one of the pictures from the Mehendi ceremony has caught people’s attention. The picture was among those shared by Jonas.

In no time, the peculiar expression of some relative turned into a meme, with many coming up with hilarious stories behind the expression. Wondering which picture we are referring to?

lady in nick jonas and priyanka chopra wedding picture

From seriously cracking up jokes on the wedding to observations about the relative getting more attention than the celebrity couple, social media was flooded with memes and jokes inspired by the click.

Check it out here:

As of now, rumor has it that the lady is the cousin sister of Priyanka’s mom, however, there is nothing official yet.

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