This Bengaluru Family Took Up The Kiki Challenge and Showed Police The Precautions and Safety Measures

For the people who don’t know that the vitality of social media and aren’t aware of the ‘Kiki Challenge’, here is an attempt to puzzle you even more.

What is the Kiki Challenge?

The “Kiki challenge”, also known as the “In My Feelings challenge”, involves a person jumping out of a slow-moving car and dancing alongside it to Canadian rapper Drake’s hit ‘In My Feelings’ song, while the car continues moving. While the person shows his/her dance moves, the driver of the vehicle will be filming this. It has become a global trend now and each and every enthusiast is taking up the challenge and performing it.


On the other side, the Police are unwilling to encourage this challenge and asked the people not to perform it because it may lead to accidents and disturbance to the traffic side by. The Bengaluru police are no different, they have taken to social media to warn citizens of the city against taking up the Kiki Challenge.

The Adugodi police tweeted the following message that was retweeted by the official handle of the Bengaluru city police. It read, “We strongly oppose the #kikichallenge as it puts the life of the performer and others on the road at risk, including vehicle damage.@blrcitytraffic @AddlCPTraffic @DCPTrEastBCP @AcpSe @BlrCityPolice @HMLokesh.”

Considering how the world is obsessing themselves over this challenge, Anupam Agarwal, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic (East) also took to social media to warn of legal action.

However, a family from Bengaluru took up the Kiki challenge and showed the people how to perform it safely without creating any disturbances to the public and safety precautions. Here’s the video how the Bengaluru family took up the challenge.

Watch the video below:

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