These Pictures That Show The Contrast Of Two Lives Are Breaking The Internet

Turkish artist -named Uğur takes two contrasting pictures and combine them to create a piece that shows how different lives of men can be. He uploaded his on Bored Panda, and wrote, “Hello, I’m Uğur and I live in Turkey. I’m trying to show the important issues the world is facing, such as social injustice and war, by putting two pictures side-by-side within a single frame. By doing this, I want to demonstrate the contrasts between the two different worlds we live in.”

“An image can sometimes be more effective than a thousand words. The solution to a crisis can be described by many complicated words, but you don’t need to know a language to read and understand a work of art. Art is the master of all languages. It has been used to raise awareness and call to action for a very long time,” he writes further.

“I wish that the whole world would live by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s phrase “Peace at Home, Peace in the World”, which was implemented as the foreign policy of Turkey,” the artist concludes.

Uğur titled his post as “I Show The Contrast Between The Two Worlds That We Currently Live In By Combining Photos” and posted under the category of ‘Social Issues.’

The artist shows the difference between rich and poor kids, men, women, and countries. Many countries are unable to have what we do, i.e., freedom. The rate of liberty is not the same across the globe, war-torn countries seldom have any shelter, or food, or even a government to look up to.

The contrast between the scene of the Statue of Liberty and the portrait of Mona Lisa, a man waking up on a luxurious bed and a man died in the gang war in a war-torn country. The differences in lives who have food in their plate and those who are tied to handcuffs of slavery -the artist shows them all.


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