These Indian Leaders And Celebrities Have So Many Fake Followers

In the glamorous world that Internet offers, most characters are surely hidden behind a veil. From a common office person and a school lad to the most followed world leaders, Twitter is becoming everyone’s cup of tea. And not just the use but the greed of followers on this platform is equal among all. A recent study by shows that most of the followers of our beloved celebrities are fake and nothing more than mere numbers.

The biggest superstar of the world and India’s beloved Shahrukh Khan has a fan following in more than millions and is known well to many world leaders but when it comes to fake twitter followers, he too is no less than others. As per which is verified by Twitter itself, Shahrukh has 52%, i.e. 18,535,422 fake followers.

After Shahrukh, if there is anyone who has ruled in Bollywood, it is Salman Khan. with 35.3M followers on Twitter, 50%, i.e. 16,686,820 of them are fake.

India’s prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has an image of a bold person who can say things bluntly to people. He might be or might not be true to people always but his Twitter account is surely not what it looks like. The man has 44.7M followers which makes him one of the most followed world leaders on Twitter but a recent study has shown that 16% of his followers, i.e. a number of 7,019,734 are fake.

From 8.07 followers on Twitter, Indian political sensation Mr Rahul Gandhi has 64%, i.e. 2,479,153  are fake.

The fake followers might or might not be known to the Twitterati’s but the numbers here are in millions that surely make us suspicious of what they are up to. Our appeal to all Twitterati will state not to follow people because of their huge number of followers. They might or they might not be fake.


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