The change in India’s Education System

India’s education system needs changes. The course of events that follow and lead us to this change,are as follows.

School life :

Students rise and fall in the waves of study materials, ordinary classes, unit tests and term exams. The breathing space for activities is always allotted to extra classes, recess or recreation. The rote- learning and marks related evaluation of intelligence, wisdom and especially success is hurting. And this flows in the Indian Blood. The concept of activity learning has emerged a long ago, but its transfusion into the education system seems slow.

education system in india

For example: A news article on a 96 year old Kerala lady named, Karthiyani Amma  who has scored 98/100 marks in the Kerala State Literacy Program gives us a lot of insights. The relevance of this article found its place here when she said that she was passionate and always envied the kids who get to study, read and explore…In this particular examination she had also let others copy from her”. On one hand this literacy program was a necessity, improving peoples lives and getting them on mainstream but on the other hand, we have lakhs of literates who have no clue on what and why they have studied the mostly irrelevant subjects.

Subject relevance :

The students are being taught the subjects that are necessary only to some extent. The varied fields and their life applications are neglected. The ability to connect the topic and apply it in real life is a very much untouched aspect. Demonstration, activity and experiment (not the usual aim,apparatus and hence proved experiments)  based learning is most essential.

In the new era of course flexibility, diverse subjects offering syllabi are often chosen. Incorporating such plethora of learning opportunities can  gift students with an Enlightening Childhood and a Grateful Adulthood.

The shift needed :

Technology and connectivity has overpowered many memorization techniques. The futuristic skill set must be the ultimate goal. The  basic life skills should be given importance, to help the students throughout their lives. Hence the priorities,parameters, evaluations and assessments have to be restructured not only at later levels but from the basic elementary levels. This restructuring needs to be  a smooth sail.

Just so there are various professions to pursue, students,teachers and parents alike want an education system that prepares them for any field.

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