Telangana Witnesses 70 Cases Of This Rare Disease

Pain. Pain is the sensation one feels when one’s body is subjected to uncontrollable or intolerable force, in any kind possible. The young children and kids and the older generation are the ones who are more susceptible to pain. They are sensitive than others. But, Four-year-old Saba, daughter of Syed Sanaullah does not feel any pain at all. She is very active and energetic in her activities, very well fed and bred, but she is struck with this rare Disease.

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Being insensitive to pain feels and looks like a dream and a blessing. But at times it is more dangerous than it seems. One day, Saba the four-year-old jumped over a huge wall, fell down bruised herself, dusted herself and started walking home.

It was all fine until her parents noticed that she had a severely broken leg, which she did not observe as she could not feel a thing. Soon her parents rushed her to a nearby hospital and got her leg treated. The condition that Saba suffers from is known as ‘ Congenital Insensitivity To Pain‘.

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Not able to feel any kind of pain is good, but not able to detect any serious harm to the body is bad. Not only our Four-year-old but 70 others in the State of Telangana are reported to have this Rare Disease, according to the Times of India.

Listed among the World’s 7,000 Rare Diseases, this disease has its highest count in the state of Telangana. Sanaullah, the father of the kid, is a member of the Management Committee of Indian Organisation of Rare Diseases (IORD).

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He then reveals that this disease occurs in One among 2 Crores of Population. In detail, explaining about the severity of the diseases Sanaullah says, ” Kids with this disease do not feel pain. While people with normal body have a general reflex action to pain and stimuli, since these kids do not feel any pain, they keep chewing even when their fingers start to bleed”. 

The revelation thus happened, on the occasion of ‘World Rare Diseases Day‘. A total of 120 patients with such rare diseases ensembled here, talking about their bodies and educating their fellow beings. The meeting which was held in the city had a variety of patients attend it along with experts and curious citizens.

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Some of the rare diseases mentioned in the meeting were thalassaemia, sickle-cell anaemia, ataxia, lysosomal storage disorder, congenital insensitivity to pain (rarest of the rare), aplastic anaemia, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, sweet syndrome and others.

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