Tamil Nadu: Woman Builds A 8-Acre Forest Paradise Using Her Savings

Over the years, we are learning and gulping the definitions of ‘hero’ over and over, until a person comes and redefine heroism and humanity all over again. This 75-year-old woman is one such example for she has built an 8-acre forest paradise using only her retirement savings. In the era when India is the eyes of the globe for her rising pollution, kind actions like these surely release a pure air of change.

“After retirement, I not only wanted something hands-on to do but was also looking for something that would give me atma-trupti (satisfy my soul),” says the lady in an exclusive interview with The Better India. At an age when people crave to spend time abroad or travel with their savings, this lady has built a forest paradise for she wanted the warmth of trees more than the dust of places.

“I have employed a caretaker who waters the coconut trees every day, while the other medicinal plants and trees need watering once every ten days. During the season when the work increases, I hire more helping hands,” she continues. She had bought the land long ago, even after people advising her not to. Over the years, with her hard work and patience, she has the desired result in her hands now.

As per The Indian Express, she has spent around 1 lakh INR just to bring in water to keep trees alive. Around 4 lakhs have been spent in the construction of a well and dripping irrigation. People around her had always criticised the decision until the plan was actually implemented. The construction would not fulfil the lady’s desire and patience but will help the people of the village breathe pure air.


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