Swiggy Food Delivery Boy Saves 10 Lives In Mumbai Hospital Fire

Mumbai’s Andheri Hospital Fire Accident has claimed many lives, among them being a 6-month-old child too. The fire broke out in the fifth floor of the Hospital. There was thick smoke, which filled the whole floor within minutes. The helpless patients, their family members, doctors and medical aids were stuck in the floor. The smoke made it hard for them to find an escape route. They were shouting and crying out loud for help.

The firefighters arrived there within moments. The fire which is estimated to have started at 4:03 pm, was doused completely by 7:35 pm. Eight to Ten Fire Tenders rushed to the spot and did the rescue operation. We are here to talk about one such person who was not among the Fire Fighters but volunteered to rescue the people.

20-year-old Swiggy Delivery Boy, named Sidhu Humanabade, was going by in the direction. He passed the ESIC Kamgar Hospital while he was riding his bike. The thick dense smoke was gushing out of the windows of the Fifth Floor. He, like any other person looking at it from the outside, could see it very clearly.

But, unlike any other person standing there outside, he asked the already in action Fire Fighters, whether they needed help. They would always be ready for volunteers. With their ‘Go Ahead’ command, Sidhu dropped his bike down and was all ready for the rescue.

The young brave lad took the ladder to the Fourth floor, which was set up by the Fire Officials. The boy then found few people stranded there on the floor. He immediately took action of slowly getting them out. He could save 10 patients and visitors, in a time of two hours.

Sidhu was going in and out of the building filled with smoke for two long hours. After rescuing 10 people, the boy himself choked seriously on the smoke. The heavy smoke went into his lungs and he had a hard time breathing by himself. Then immediately, the boy too was rushed to the nearest Seven Hills Hospital.

Braveheart Sidhu was undergoing treatment and is recovering. Talking to the press, he said, “I joined the firemen in their rescue operation. Thankfully, the firemen allowed me to climb their ladder to reach the fourth floor. I broke the building’s glass with an axe and entered the premises”.

Talking about the first-hand experience he says, “One patient slipped from my hand and fell down, but fortunately she survived”, while he was asking the Patients to climb down the building from the window ledge.

The hospitals which admitted the rescued from the fire accident were visited by Union Minister of State for Labour and Employment Santosh Gangwar. The Minister also appreciated Sidhu for his deed. To this Sidhu Says, “It was nice to get appreciation from him”.

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