Supercomputer that can work like a ‘Human Brain’ is switched on for the first time

Sitting on our shoulders, Human Brain is the most complex object in the universe. It has one hundred billion nerve cells or neurons constantly working, controlling our thoughts, actions, emotions, memory etc. What if a computer could do such work? Scientists have made one such supercomputer which can perform like a human brain.

Computer with million processors

World’s Largest Neuromorphic supercomputer is now designed and is built. It is built to work in the same way as a Human Brain. It has a million processors. After fitting the last or the millionth processor, it was Switched ON for the first time. This million processor core is capable of completing more than 200 million million actions per second. Similar to the processing of the brain.

The project took 15 million euros (over 125 Crore in Rupees), 20 years to conceptualise and more than 10 years to construct. The construction started in 2006 and was finished on 2 November ,2018. The European Human Brain Project has now taken over the machine and is now aiding its function.

A part of the processor of the big machine, SpiNNaker.

The ‘SpiNNaker’ Machine :

The supercomputer is given the name of SpiNNaker Machine, short for Spiking Neural Network Architecture. Designed and built in The University of Manchester’s School of Computer Science. The machine can work like the biological neurons in our brain. No other machine on this planet can work so similarly close to the Human Brain as this machine does.

Our neurons are the basic brain cells which work and communicate in the form pf shocks or spikes. These spikes are of pure electro-chemical energy. This SpiNNaker Machine has electronic circuits that imitate the brain cell activity.

The basic difference between all the existing computers in the world and this machine is in the aspect of sharing information. A traditional computer taken in information from point ‘A’, processes it and sends it in large quantity to the end point ‘B’. Unlike them, this supercomputer takes in the data and sends billions of small quantities of information to different ends simultaneously. For Example: Our Brain collects information from our five senses, processes it and send it to all our body parts at once in the form of a Reflex. A continuous mechanism of coordination and synchronisation is seen here.

Why do we need a Brain like Machine :

Steve Furber, Professor of Computer Engineering, was the one behind the initial idea of creating such a machine. He seems to be very excited at the success of the device. When asked the reason for creating a device like this he had a clear response.

Firstly to facilitate for the better understanding of the working of the human brain. Neuroscientists can now understand better as the brain function is now decoded. For instance, large quantities of real time simulations are kept running and its response to such high level processing in different segments of the machine running at the same time all processing the information.

Secondly, it is made to replicate a portion of the brain function to study that part related mental issues. Electronically testing Pharmaceuticals can give massive Neurological breakthroughs in the field of Medicine.

Thirdly, the machine is made to control another robot in performing certain functions. This is to monitor How wavering or unwavering a course of thought can be.

And lastly, SpiNNaker helps the neuroscientists in unlocking many unknown and hidden secrets of Human brain, which even man has never encountered so far. Based on which further scientific developments are planned in editing the existing raw Humanoid or AI technology.


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