Sub-Inspector Arrested for Flashing At A 10-YO Girl, Gets Beaten Up

57 years old sub-inspector, K Vasu, was caught red-handed flashing at a 10 years old girl in Villivakkam, Chennai. The accused was infamous for standing near a government school and making off-colour gestures at school girls. On 2nd December, on duty, Vasu was seen flashing at the small girl, by six local youngsters. Youngsters tried confronting the officer but he ran away in his vehicle. Following the accused, youngsters on their bikes stopped him in Sidco Nagar and started bashing him black and blue.

Local residents of Sidco Nagar, witnessing the bashing of a sub-inspector, informed the control room. Police officers arrived at the spot and stopped the boys to escort the accused to the police station, but released him with a mere warning for the incident.

The victim – a 10-year-old girl – had informed her parents of the off-colour gestures made by the officer, often before as well, but wondering if she could be misunderstood, they had ignored the concern. On 2nd December, when things turned transparent, her parents wanted justice for their girl. They dragged the files table to table and raised their voice for the justice.

The case was eventually noticed by All Women’s Police Station who demanded all the information regarding the concern. The accused police officer was eventually arrested under the POCSO Act (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.)

The accused was about to retire in 4 months, but following his arrest, he is yet to be suspended from his services but surely has lost the honour of the post. According to the deputy commissioner of police, a report is awaited till 10th December after which the accused can be suspended from his services as well.


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