Stillborn Baby Seen Lying On The Ground And A Pig Eating It Away

A stillborn baby was seen eaten by a pig on the premises of Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial (LLRM) Medical College, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. How did this happen? is a question answered in the following lines, but how did this come to light? Security officials were going through the CCTV Surveillance Footage of the premises and were shocked to see this eerily disturbing visual.

The Hospital blames the Municipal Authorities of Meerut, who do not pay heed to the stray animals that roam the area. This frustration does not come after this one single incident, but a series of previous complaints on this regard were also very well neglected by the Municipal Commissioner.

The entire incident of ‘How did this gut disturbing incident has occurred’ is reported by the Principal of the said medical college and hospital. Mr RC Gupta says, “After a patient, Shammo, gave birth to a stillborn at PL Sharma district hospital, she was referred to the medical college, and the stillborn boy was handed over to one of her relatives-a receipt of which is also available with us”.

Because the situation of the mother was also very serious, the relatives were with her for aiding and assisting her. The stillborn was handed over to one of their relatives. As all of them were in a hurry, they had accidentally slipped the baby while rushing here and there in the hospital campus.

“Accidentally slipped out of the relative’s grab inside the hospital campus and the pig then consumed it”, said the principal. Adding to it he says, ” the relatives of the woman were in such a hurry that they did not even notice that they have dropped the stillborn”.

The father of the baby, named Ilmas had also given the same explanation. “The body slipped out of my mother’s grab inadvertently, as we all were in haste to admit my wife, who was critical, to the hospital”. The neglected complaints are not acknowledged by the authorities and a blame game continues.

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