‘Statue of Unity’ Now Visible From Space

The tallest in the world, Statue of Unity of ‘Iron Man of India’ Sardar Vallabhai Patel towers over all the other ones in the field. The 597 ft Bronze statue is now visible from space.

An American company, named SkyLab has satellites under its operation. The American Constellation of Satellites took the lead in capturing and sharing the satellite picture of the Statue of Unity. The picture is obviously taken from a top angle and it also shows the River Narmada flowing beside the Statue.

Satellite Image of The Statue

The satellites of SkyLab were sent into space by our Indian Space Research Organisation’s PSLV mission. In 2017, ISRO bagged a world record of sending 104 satellites into space, out of which 88 were of SkyLab. They were the Earth Imaging Dove Satellites.

Valley Of Flowers near the statue

The statue was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India on October 31st, at Kevadiya, Gujarat. The tallest statue before this one was of China’s Spring Temple Buddha, which is now 177 ft shorter than the Statue of Unity. It is double the height of the Statue of Liberty in New York and cost around Rs.3,000 Crore.

In Comparison

It is a good thing that India has topped among the other countries in the world. And the topic is often talked about. But, India is also in the top lists of poverty, hunger deaths, pollution, population, dropouts, health hazards, rape cases, mob lynchings etc. These aspects are not often made aware of to us nor to others. Upcoming statues might also be grand but nothing will be grandeur when we look at the dire state of poverty.

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