Software Engineer Gives Up On Life Because He Was Getting Bald

Hairfall is one of those monstrous problems for which there is no apparent solution even now. Millions of men around the world suffer extensive hair fall in their day to day life. It might be because of stress, unhealthy food or weather change, but the problem is absolutely inevitable. The statistics and memes and our daily life experience is more than enough to talk about this problem.

The root cause of this problem is stress and anxiety, and when it comes to the origin of the same, it is work. Most of the victims of hair fall belong to the corporate world. Even though they wear these fancy formals and live a fancy life many could only dream of, there are some internal issues which might affect them in a drastic way. However, there’s this dark side of the story in which the parts of it stays real, while rest is all but a fictional world.

The scene we are talking about has happened in Bengaluru and the man works for Infosys, a renowned software company. To overcome this problem, people use many products available in the market. Many take a step ahead and consult doctors. But many don’t find greater results in doing this. This may also lead way to depression. In this case, we have no idea about one’s reaction. But this guy, his story is way too ahead of everything.

Coming to the details, his name is R.Midhun Raj. The 27-Year-Old young man is working as an IT employee for a renowned company in Bengaluru. He is from Madhurai. Recently Midhun started suffering from hair fall problem. With the reckless growth in hair fall in a couple of months, he became quite unrecognizable and weak. This sudden change within him surprised his colleagues and neighbors. The story didn’t end here, Midhun even faced shocking irritation and itching on his head that resulted in some serious allergies.

Post the various humiliating incidents, he resigned his job went on to live along with his mother Vasanthi in Madhurai. While the treatment is still on, the doctors failed to recognize the real problem and this made him more nervous. Despite consulting various doctors, he failed to find any solution and that affected him more than anything.

Being over depressed, Midhun hung himself to the ceiling fan. Thank god! his mother has returned to the home at the right time and things were set right. Police filed a case and started the investigation. As of now, Mithun is sound and healthy and is taking treatment at the local hospital.

On a brief note, hair fall might be a big problem for the victims, but after all, when compared to the worth of life, it is nothing. Life has much more precious things to give and we should learn to prioritize things.

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