Smriti Irani Politely Slams A Person On Twitter On ‘Gotra’ Topic

The revealing of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s Gotra by a priest has attracted all the media attention. There arose many controversies regarding Rahul’s Gotra and of all his family tree. Smriti Irani was pulled into this matter on Twitter.

A Twitter user asked The Union Minister For Textiles, Smriti Irani a question regarding her ‘Gotra’ and why she wears ‘Sindoor’ on her. The user went on to tag many people from the BJP and the Union Cabinet. Smriti Madam had a great response to the user’s question.

Wondering what a ‘GOTRA’ actually means? Here is the definition. ‘Gotra’ is a Sanskrit term, associated with the Hindu religion and culture. Considered to be equivalent to the well-known term ‘Clan’. The term has a broad reference to all the people who are the descendants in an unbroken male line. Commonly from a single male ancestor or patriline.

The user asked the Minister’s, her husband’s and kids’ Gotras as well. Tagging almost eight different Twitter handles. They range from PMO India to Shashi Tharoor. The man also questioned her ‘Sindoor’, asking whether it was for Religious purpose or just a Style statement.

Smriti Irani then replied, claiming that she was a ‘Kaushal’ Gotra like her father’s and grandfather. And when it comes to her husband and kids who would share his Patriline, do not have a ‘Gotra’ as they are Zoroastrians. She added that only she practises Hinduism.

Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest religion still active in many parts of the world. They believe in a single supreme being and also that life has both good and evil. The triumph of good over evil is the predicted result. Pre-Islamic Iranian Kingdoms have practised this religion widely.

Our Union Textile Minister further had added a detailed ‘Disclaimer’ on the above question and answer session on a public platform.

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