Scientists From IIT Gandhinagar Confirm 50 Per Cent India In Drought

The Scientists from the IIT Gandhinagar have studied statistics and the patterns the Indian land is showing. They say, “ Nearly 50% of the country is currently facing drought“. In that 50%, about 16% on drought conditions fall under ” extreme” or ” exceptional” category. The scientists and researchers who are involved in this study are managing the nation’s real Time Drought Prediction System.

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Oncoming harsh summer is going to make things worse for the water availability in the nation. Talking to the PTI says Vimal Mishra, an associate professor at the IIT Gandhinagar. The team of his is the one managing the Drought prediction systems, which collects the weather and precipitation data from IMD.

The data thus collected from the IMD is then studied and used to simulate soil moisture and other related factors of drought and availability of water. The whole stimulation was done using pre-fed data to the system in the Water and Climate Lab at the IIT.

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Vimal Mishra talking about the percentages says, ” About 47 per cent of the country is facing drought, with 16 per cent facing extreme, or exceptional category of drought. Which we show from our real-time monitoring system that we have developed for the country”. 

Listing out the states of the Indian nation which are facing this drought Vimal continues and says, ” Arunachal Pradesh did not get good rain this year, and parts of Jharkhand, southern Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and the northern part of Tamilnadu are under drought”. 

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Famine is not a concern now as we are relying on the groundwater sources, but the rains and the refilling of the groundwater resources are very low. And that is another issue altogether. ” We are not enhancing groundwater recharge. on the other hand, drought conditions are making us extract more and more water”. 

The present manageable conditions will be severe with harsh summers in the long term and it would be affecting the poor and marginalised farmers more than any others. ” If our groundwater is not recharged and managed sustainably, we could face a very difficult situation in the coming years”. 

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Suggesting that there are preventive and precautionary measures to avoid drought and groundwater depletion Vimal Mishra concludes by saying, ” The government thinks the drought is a reactive situation, that they will provide relief only once there is a crisis. But, with the data available they can take proactive measures to prevent a water crisis”. 

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