Sad Plight of Avni, the Tigress who got shot in India

Avni, the wanted wild tigress has been shot dead on Friday. This incident took place in the state of Maharashtra. Supreme Court in September has given a verdict to shoot this animal on sight. The tigress killed 13 people in the past two years. She is survived by her two cubs.

Kill or capture?

The officials were on the lookout for the animal since months. Aggressive measures have been taken to capture it. Experts with modern technology were brought in for the job but all of them failed to capture it. And at last it fell in the eyes of a sharp shooter hired by the government. A shoot at sight was ordered but not a shoot to kill. Even after the bullet was shot and the tigress was down, the personnel rushed her to the hospital immediately. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the act.

Sad Plight of Avni, the Tigress who got shot in India

Use of Tranquiliser Dart Gun :

The Tranqiliser Darts can only be used by an official veterinarian, under the supervision of medical and animal welfare personnel. It can only be used on Wild animals which are under the captivity and monitor of the government.

The Tranquiliser does not work as shown in the movies. The compound, Azaperone is very dangerous and can only be effective if it is injected intra-muscularly. Otherwise,it kills. To immediately contain the situation, officials have taken this hard step of using a bullet. To capture,but not to kill. The scene happened anyhow.

Wild animals in our streets :

Why do the wild animals wander in our streets? Because we have invaded their homes. Our encroachment into their territory made them confused,protective and ultimately led them to assault mode.That is how their instinct works. Their internal territories demarcated among themselves also force them to explore various areas, in search of food. This leads them to our homes in villages and some distant cities. They don’t distinguish between cooked food, stored food and food for strays. What is alive and moves is food for them.

Our increasing population needs more land to construct homes. The best option now available is to encroach the forests. Clear the forests, construct villages, disturb the eco-system there and face the wrath of wild animals.

Smart moves to make :

Identification of animal territories, warning the locals, being prepared for such situations, teaching quick responses to the people, making public aware of all the safety measures and trying not to kill the animals.

Important point to note: Wild Animals usually avoid the areas with very much lighting. The dark streets at night attract more threats than we know. So, start lighting up our villages with solar powered street lights to save both Human and Animal Lives Alike.


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