Russia Planning To Disconnect Its Internet From The World

The Internet is the Interconnection Network that was very much successful in connecting all the computer systems together. It is often considered as the Network of the Networks! The web network connects the world nations with each other. And this can be of most use to bridge the gaps between different contrasting lives. But this can also create a more transparent nature of the nations, exposing them to the whole world.

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Becoming independent in this era of the internet having a separate social media networking is seen possible to the nation of China, where the usual world-wide media platforms seldom exist. Stepping into the same but even in a more sophisticated way, Russia is planning total Internet independence from the World.

The 100 million Russian internet users will be the most affected with this giant, ‘Unplugging’. This feature is being boasted by the nation for quite some time. And this time they are going to do a temporary test, where its offline nature would be susceptible to any cyber attack.

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Talking about this ‘Unplugging’, Putin’s Internet Advisor himself has made statements in the year 2016. In his words, German Klimenko said, “ We are talking about the protection of critical infrastructure, which should be located in the territory of Russia”.

Furthermore, Klimenko says, ” There is a high probability of ‘tectonic shifts’ in our relations with the West. Therefore, our task is to adjust the Russian segment of the internet to protect it from such scenarios”. Their approach to this is getting closer when their lawmakers have drafted a bill in December.

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Under this draft legislation, there would be a disconnection from outside world’s internet, and its brief offline time should be able to withstand any foreign attacks. After which the internal network, which is referred to as ‘Runet’, would be operational and run the country’s internal systems.

At the same time, a powerful Russian agency would monitor the internet by regulating it from misbehaving and misdirecting. It would also get new powers to control and censor the prohibited content on the Internet. This execution is not accepted by many, there are opposers to this and they have their own reasons.russian internet 3

Despite all the opposition it is getting, the ‘unplugging’ is set to happen before April 1st of 2019.

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