Rs120 Cr Proposal Of Installing HD CCTV In Jails Approved By Delhi Cabinet

Jails and Prisons are meant for punishing the criminal putting them in confinement. Depriving people of their freedom and curtailing any aspect of pity giving more scope to remorse. The jailers and in-charges are not usually enough to keep a thorough vigilance on the prisoners. Delhi Cabinet has approved to install high definition CCTV cameras in three main jails. Costs about Rs 120 Crore.

The Expenditure Finance Committee (EFC) is given a grant for its recommendation of installing HD CCTV cameras in Tihar, Rohini and Mandoli prison complexes. This was to curb and monitor any special treatments given to selective prisoners against the notice of the officials.

Proposed initially by the Home Department, it will be executed by the PWD. This proposal execution will include the required supply, installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV surveillance camera systems in all the three prison operations.

The inmates include many rich and highly influential people, who are at times bound to get treated a special VIP treatment against the Prison Orders. In order to curb this which usually goes unmonitored, the decision of having an adequate number of surveillance measures has been taken up.

Ultra modern and high-tech CCTV cameras are demanded as a basic requirement. They will also help in ensuring the safety and security of the inmates, apart from the VIP treatment, as they were incidents of violence among the inmates. Not just fist fights and arguments, there were serious incidents of amputation and even murder.

The Department of Public Works (PWD) has already started out the required survey and also consulted the superintendents of the three prisons. The maximum areas to cover under the CCTV Cameras all fall under the legal purview. And so it is a Go from the department.

Not just HD CCTVs but a back-end integrated system is to be established. The connectivity and the networking of the whole system will thus include, IP Cameras for surveillance, Storage Area Network(SAN/NAS), which uses Raid 6 Hard Disk Arrays and cameras with inbuilt video analytics.

All this equipment and connectivity will have a back up for 30 days at two different locations. One at the Main Control Room and the other the Jail Control Room. The proposal was considered and is due, the execution.

Not forgetting the menace that is going rampant on the Delhi Signature bridge and the streets of the capital city, there must be Necessary Surveillance measures proposed and executed there as well.

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