Ranveer And Deepika Buys A Rs 50 Crore House In Juhu

It has been a week now, and it turned out to be too difficult to take off our eyes off Ranveer and Deepika on the Internet. The pictures of their wedding have taken Ithe internet by storm, starting with trolls, memes, netizens left no space talking about how good both of them are looking together.

ranveer and deepika new home

On the other hand, the details about the clothes they were wearing and the place they were going to stay post the marriage are drawing in huge attention via digital and mouth media. This literally has become a topic of discussion on the dining tables and the casual chitchats. The cost of Deepika’s wedding ring has already stunned the readers, now as per the sources from popular media handles like Filmfare, it is believed that the house Deepika and Ranveer have bought for their stay post marriage has cost them a whopping Rs 50 crores.

Yes! not joking! sources also included that the interiors designing is in progress because the couple wanted to do it in a more customized manner and are even spending a lot of money for the same.

ranveer singh house

Ranveer Singh’s house ‘Shree’

Filmfare was quoted saying, “Ranveer and Deepika were looking for their perfect home since quite a while and the moment they saw this property, they knew they wanted it. It’s a huge bungalow which costs Rs 50 crore approximately.

They wanted the interiors more personalized so the work in that house is still on. Until then, the duo will be residing in Singh’s current residence, Shree.”

Some of the renowned interiors they have done before were like the following, which are absolutely breathtaking.

However, the relevant interior designers who did the same job earlier were very well known for their splendid work and had worked for the popular faces earlier.

So, as the work is not done yet, but the marriage is, the couple has decided to stay at Ranveer Singh’s house until the completion.

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