Rajpal Yadav While Serving Imprisonment Performs Comedy Act In Tihar Jail

In the glamorous world of Bollywood, celebrities are almost always considered to be living a charming and luxurious life but what we forget is that they too have to work to earn. Rajpal Yadav, arguably the best of comedians Bollywood has witnessed in years, is in jail for not being able to pay a loan of Rupees 5 crore. He is bearing the punishment for 3 months in Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

Getting imprisoned, though, does not stop him from doing what he does best, i.e, standup comedy. Rajpal while serving punishment time in Tihar Jail performed standup comedy on the stage while being in a Kavi sammelan (poets’ meet.) A jail officer regarding the act of comedy said, “His act was a laugh riot. There were several poets on the stage but Yadav made sure everyone laughed. Everyone was awestruck to see a celebrity on stage.”

The prisoners surely had never expected a Bollywood celebrity to be among them, and watching a comedy act by Rajpal Yadav in jail was surely the most unanticipated thing of the time. 252 hostages watched the comedian performing on the stage. “Tihar has had big politicians, cricketers, gangsters and terrorists but this is the first time in decades that the jail has had a popular actor as an inmate. He is keeping everyone in good humour. The inmates were excited to see a popular actor on the dais,” continued the officer.

As per Hindustan Times, a jail officer has claimed that Rajpal is planning a comedy performance for Christmas as well. “The inmates have asked him to direct it. It will be released for Christmas. They told us that they have planned to start a drama club in jail 7.” Rajpal’s comedy performances are surely being loved by inmates but his behaviour in jail is loved by officers as well.

A jail superintendent said, “Yadav’s conduct has been good. He has not made any demands or asked to be treated differently. He spends his time in the library. We treat him like any other prisoner.”


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