Rajasthan’s Mother To Be, Becomes An Undercover Agent To Save Girls

Under the disguise of an estranged Pregnant Woman, a Real pregnant woman turns into an undercover agent to save all the unborn girl children in the State of Rajasthan. The woman, who wishes to stay unnamed, is approached by the Special Police established on this particular issue. They have asked her to volunteer for this operation, explaining the sad plight of the killings of future children before they are even born.

This operation was very risky to both the woman and her child in the womb. Despite the danger, she had agreed to take this up as a challenge. Hundreds of lives are at stake here and the issue is not a small one. Police did this in a deliberate attempt to arrest the culprits red-handedly.

The official who was the man behind this operation and execution, Rajan Choudary, said to the media, “A few years ago, in Jhunjhunu, you just had to get into an auto and tell the driver that you want to get a sex determination test. He would drop you at the doorstep of the clinic and abort the foetus if it was female, at the cost of Rs 2,000”.

In a societal mockery of a life of a girl child, the police officials have found a golden chance in curbing a little part of the menace in the area. One step closer to saving lives and a leap nearer to punishing the culprits. The lack of laws and meagre dedicated forces regarding this particular reason are the main cause for prolonged prevalence.

The unchecked crime was so widespread that it could easily alter the sex ratio of Rajasthan State by significant numbers. In a survey of 2001, the Sex Ratio was already at a low 901/1000 female to male ratio. In the survey of 2011, the Sex Ratio plunged deeper down at 888/1000, female to male ratio.

The Naveen Jain Team

This shocking numbers and statistics led to stringent measures in tackling the menace. The first ever Police Station established only for saving the girl child has been put up in the State of Rajasthan, in the pink city of Jaipur. The Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (PCPNDT) Bureau of Investigation, which is considered as powerful as the CBI, is now been given the status of a police station.

Naveen Jain, IAS, Chairman of PCPNDT says, “In no other Indian state does the PCPNDT have the powers to arrest the culprits and charge them under the IPC and CRPC. That’s the novelty of PCPNDT in Rajasthan”.

The Decoy Operation

The woman was approached by the police when she was four months into the pregnancy. They have explained her the whole mission. At first, she was scared and worried, but later got convinced and firmly assured and so agreed. She was accompanied by a woman official, also in disguise.

Both of them approached the clinic, spoke to the middleman for getting a sonography sex determination test. The money was given by the team to the woman, for evidential proof. The clinic was filled with other teammates in disguise and false identities.

The doctor was now approached, he administered the test and the report came in within minutes. It was a “negative”, as said by the doctor. This means the foetus is a ‘Girl’. The doctor further suggested her to get the baby aborted right there at the clinic. And asked a fee of Rs 20,000 for the Sex Determination Test. After handing it over, the woman signalled the officials.

The whole team barged in and arrested the culprits. 141 such operations have been conducted since 2009, exposing many illicit centres. Few of them being very high-profile even managed to lure the undercover mothers with lakhs of money. But, the officials have mended ways to deal with such events too.

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