Rajasthan: Farmers Who Never Took Loans Listed in Beneficiaries

Farmers in Rajasthan are complaining to the government officials and appealing to media and people after those who did not take loans were found to be in the list of beneficiaries. Even after the efforts of easing the lives of farmers in India and spreading awareness about the complexities of their life and why they deserve the utmost respect -their problems are still far from eradication. The process of waiving loans of farmers did demand a lot of efforts and protests, and when the government decided to implement the decision to forgo their loans -a scam followed there as well.

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A list of the beneficiaries was taken online -after which farmers recognised that those who never had taken a loan, also, were listed there. After the outrage coming from the farmers’ side, a probe is initiated and soon shall deliver the desired results. Mr Neeraj K Pawan who is a registrar in the Cooperative Department, Rajasthan, stated to Indian Express, “In our investigation so far, we have found that in one of these three LAMPS, names of 263 people have been used to allocate farm loan waivers worth Rs 1.44 crore despite the fact that these people did not avail of the loan. We are investigating how these societies have attributed the loan waiver money to them.”

A farmer was heard saying, “Hamara pese loota ja raha hai, hamare peso se apne bade bade ghar bana liye hai… agar list online nahi hoti to hame pata bhi nahi chalta,” which loosely translates to, “(They) have made bungalows from our money, if the list wasn’t put online, we would have never known.” The scam is noticed not in one village but severals including Govadi, Nandor and Jethana, in Rajasthan.


Image: The Financial Express

The probe into the matter has become an important issue after the political parties have joined in the concerns of the victims. “My father (Ramesh Sevak) works in Mumbai. The official website shows that he has received a loan waiver of Rs 57,300. He never took any farm loan,” a man whose father was listed wrongly in the beneficiaries claimed.


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