Railways Develop AI Robot To Find Faults In Trains, Named USTAAD

Our Indian Railways is a huge sector with thousands of crores of revenue getting generated every year. With new rail tracks, upgrading the older versions, getting equipped with new coaches, and even reaching the top speeds. All this on one side and the darker side of train accidents, on the other. The unmonitored rail tracks and faulty railway lines at times can result in derailing, which causes the most casualties and deaths.

To make no room for any human errors in ensuring absolute safety to the passengers, Indian Railways has now opted for Artificial Intelligence. Central Railway thus developed an AI-powered Robot which would identify any slight faults of the rails and the tracks.

The robot then clicks pictures and takes videos of any dysfunctional object, sends it to the engineers for further repair and maintenance. The Nagpur Division of the Central Railways has developed the robot and named it ‘USTAAD’. Which stands for, Undergear Surveillance Through Artificial Intelligence Assisted Droid.

USTAAD examines the parts of the coaches in real time and then records and clicks pictures with an High-Definition Camera, the feed is then transmitted to the base station over Wi-Fi connection. Spokesperson of the Railway division says, “the engineers can see these videos on a big screen as well as record them. The camera of the robot can be rotated in any direction as per command”.

Spokesperson Sunil Udasi adding on the other abilities the robot has had this to say, ” The engineer can also zoom on the spot in case of any doubt. It is equipped with LED flood light and able to capture the videos in low light as well as in dark modes. By use of this robot the chances of a mistake and any deficiency overlooked by human eye can be eliminated. Thus reducing the chances of human error”.

Cramped, narrow spaces which are hard to see and hard to reach usually between under-gears will also be easily visible.

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