Railway worker risks his life to save a drunk man crossing the track, almost killed himself [VIDEO]

A person must have a lot of guts to save someone who is in a danger. In other words, it is called as life-risk effort. But still, there are people who never hesitate or fear to risk their lives. In this heart-stopping video, we can see a railway worker saving a drunk man’s life while it almost hit both of them.

The whole incident was caught on the CCTV fixed beside the track. Though we are not sure when and where it happened or if it’s real, netizens claim that it’s believed to be in the UK.

Railway worker saves drunk man from hitting by train

The drunk man was carrying his bicycle and trying to cross the railway track. Once he stepped on to the track, he stumbled and barely had the energy to balance. However, he managed to put the cycle to the other side of the track. Meanwhile, some of his belongings fell on the track and little did he know that a train would come so fast as he was busy collecting the things.

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Noticing it, one of the railway staff put himself at risk and ran a long way to push the man out of the track. Had it not been for rail worker’s presence of mind, things could have been a different story altogether. Soon, the other workers came to check if the two men were hurt.

Watch The Video Below:

The worker, who has risked his life to save a man, has been garnering appreciation from people all over the world on social media. However, a few netizens are of the opinion that it could be a fake video.

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