Protein Supplements For Body Building Can Damage Our Body

Proteins are essential nutrients in the working of the human body. The building blocks of the body, the minimalistic tissues are also the makings of the protein molecules. They also form the main thick source of energy in the human body. A rich protein diet can gain us abundant muscle and not let fat store in our bodies. So in order to quickly gain a lot of muscle, people are resorting to the popular protein supplements. And research shows that they are harmful.

Protein supplements harm 1

The protein supplements these days are more focusing on the Whey Protein content but all of us are totally not considering the L-norvaline content it innately has. On one hand, the supplements help us gain muscle in a more rapid manner and on the other this compound damages it.

This L-norvaline is known to help in boosting our workouts and aids the recovery we need. But the researchers who have studied the effects of this L-norvaline say that eventually this amino acid damages the cells makes them unhealthy and lastly could kill them altogether.

Protein supplements harm 2

The usual process of protein digestion and utilisation includes proteins in the form of Amino acids which are gutted and then used to gain muscle. Amongst hundreds of amino acids there the useful ones as well as the harmful ones. It is these unusual harmful ones which harm the body.

One of the researchers had this to say, ” Protein requirements are higher in very active individuals and proteins are considered to improve and increase performance. The demand for amino acids in supplements has expanded but in addition to the normal protein-building amino acids other ‘non-protein’ amino acids are being taken”.

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The difference between usual and unusual amino acids is that both produce proteins and both are helpful in gaining muscle. But, the unusual amino acids produce faulty proteins which are not beneficial to the body but make the body weak. It is like a difference between a rock and papier-mache of the same rock. They look the same in texture and colour but are so different.

This mimicking method is usually used by plants which release faulty amino acids when predator animals consume it, they would be harmed and later killed. Not only to kill the predators, but also plants release such faulty compounds into the soil to kill their fellow plants. Chemical warfare amongst plants is common.

Protein supplements harm

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