Potholes Taking Lives Of Thousands In India Over The Years, SC Is Concerned

Universal nature of Indian roads, Potholes, wrong routes and accidents. We Indian Drivers are well versed in driving our vehicles avoiding these potholes and repairs. It is part of our training, that we get accustomed to the heavy bumper to bumper traffic and annoying horns. Budgetary allocation for roads is a huge Rs 5,217 Crore affair in 2017. Is it better to divert these allocated funds to new roadways or to the existing ones?

Lives In Potholes

Looking through the cases of road accidents and reasons for their occurrence the Supreme Court has expressed its concern over the rampant issue. It was reported saying that over 14,926 deaths among the deaths due to road accidents have solely occurred due to potholes. The above number of deaths is an estimate of over five years.

The deaths are in thousands and the injured cases are five times more comparatively. The number of funds released, and the condition of the roads does not add up to people’s expectations. To be true to the facts, there are good roads and bad roads. But, the bad roads are causing deaths, hence raising the cause for concern.

Court’s Data

A Judiciary Bench focussing on this matter, with its head Judge Madan B. Lokur, and other Judges namely, Deepak Gupta and Hemant Gupta responded so to the media. In the words of The lead Justice Lokur, ” a large number of deaths caused due to potholes was ‘unacceptable’ and are ‘probably more than those killed on the border or by terrorists’ “.

Adding to it, the other members of the bench said, ” the number of deaths from 2013 to 2017 in ‘Accidents Due to Potholes’ indicated that the authorities concerned were not maintaining the roads”. The very way the roads are constructed and maintained needs a thorough examination.

Solid Road

The layering and foundation for laying a steady long lasting road have both coarse aggregates and finer aggregates, getting finer as the surface nears. The disappearing funds do not give a chance to the allotted civil engineers to fully implement this basic technique.

The bench was so created to assess the norms and violations. Coming after a report was filed by ‘Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety’, against the Central Government headed by Justice K.S. Radhakrishnan. The hearing is due January 2019. The response of the Centre is expected to be an accountable one.

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