Pollution Free Celebrations This Diwali 2019, Our Mission

Do not wonder much about why the mission now? It is not Diwali yet nor it had finished soon. But the air quality index of the nation is worsening by every prime time hour. The pollution we see every day is very alarming and concerning. The recent hailstorm in the national capital gave us a little relief from the polluted air, by improving it momentarily. But a week later, the air quality would be the same again, as our methods will remain the same.

mission 2019 diwali

So, Why only on Diwali? Why not every day? Everyone speaks the same way but would ride their private vehicles as much as others. Saving methods like carpooling are neglected. Tagging an occasion and holiness to the solution would at least make people aware of the hazards.

People who are already aware of the hazards but do things anyway might have a chance to sympathise now. There are steps which all of us collectively can take to avoid further environmental damage. At first one must abide by the cause and not hover around mere pollutive celebrations.

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The Government has already started to encourage Green Cracker makers and poses serious rules and punishments on the violators. On one hand, promoting a greener way to celebrate, on the other hand, there must be a total ban on the suppliers. Yearly two to three raids must be conducted to curb the activities.

Only one, right before the festival would invite many protests from the suppliers for their losses. Secondly, a thorough check on the polluting vehicles, which are roaming without proper pollution measures, and improvements in them. a sudden approach is not feasible to handle the innate problem.

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Banning older vehicles should be compensated with ease in buying new ones. Just confiscating the older ones is not the end of the solution. Thirdly, our farmers not having enough knowledge of the harsh effects of stubble burning. Must be made aware of its bad effects.

Educating them with new and improved measures, and persuading them to opt out their damaging methods of farming is much recommended. And Finally, it is not only the Government that lives in this nation. Only members of the Government do not make the 1.3 billion population that we are.

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Start thinking in this means, that all of us maketh the nation. Stop encouraging pollution in our day to day lives. Stop purchasing polluting crackers, vehicles which have not cleared pollution norms and try to educate oneself first in changing the way to look at Our World.

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