PM Modi Seen Waving At An Empty Parked Train: Fact Or Fake

PM Narendra Modi has flagged off the first ever Longest Rail Road Bridge, the Bogibeel Bridge. The train that was flagged off at the inauguration now cuts out a 10 hour and 100s of kilometres distance. Over the River Brahmaputra, the bridge has also a very important strategic significance. It makes it easy to connect to the border of China, Arunachal Pradesh. PM Modi was seen waving at the train while walking on a double-decker bridge.

The video which shows this waving action of our PM has invited many trolls over the internet. Many are making fun of the Prime Minister for waving at an invisible crowd. Even notable prominent persons were involved in trolling the scene widely on Twitter.

Not only Twitter, but even other social media platforms with huge groups have resorted to mocking the Prime Minister. Among the various pages and groups, one Facebook page which posted a mocking video of the actual one had over 3 Lakh views and has been shared over 11,000 times.

Prominent persons including, the Indian National Congress Spokesperson, Brijesh Kalappa, joined the trolls, by tweeting, “No one down there to be waved at”. Maharashtra Congress Spokesperson, Sachin Sawant tweeted, “Fake Photo-op at his best”.

Also tweeting the video, came another Tweet, still mocking the PM, was from Khushbu Sundar, another National Spokesperson of the Congress. “Waving at an imaginary crowd”.

Fact Check:

The video was taken with Prime Minister Modi Ji as the main focus. A longer version of the video shows people down there on the bridge waving back at the Prime Minister. As per another video which was taken from another angle shows people travelling in the train, Modi Ji flagged off.

An official video was posted by the Prime Minister’s Office to YouTube, where people from the train were seen waving back at the PM. Backing which came, another Tweet from the Press Information Bureau (PIB), showing people inside the train, taking pictures of Modi Ji.

As tweeted by the BJP Assam Twitter Handle

The responsible citizen:

Spreading rumours and false news, just for the sake of criticizing the opposite person is not encouraged. Common people if had done this would be a black spot on the civic duty and responsibility. But this coming from the elected, representative leaders, is a shame on them. Be it any person, from any origin.

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